ZOOM Meeting Script

Tarrant Countywide ZOOM Meeting Script

TCw Overall Chair:

  1. Calls meeting to order, asks attendees to take seats at 7PM
  2. Announces last meeting attendance ___________
  3. Announces last meeting # of groups ___________
  4. Announces last meeting 7th tradition __________
  5. Announces last meeting 7th tradition % ________
  6. Turns meeting over to meeting chair

TCw Meeting Chair:

Good evening, my name is _______ and I am an Alcoholic, my sobriety date is ________. Welcome to the _______ (month) Tarrant Countywide meeting. The primary purpose of this meeting is simple. It’s to bring AA members in Tarrant County and the surrounding areas together monthly for food, fellowship and great AA speakers. If anyone would like to volunteer for a commitment, please visit our website at tarrantcountywide.org and click on the link to volunteer on our homepage.

Let’s begin this meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

This is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are glad you’re all here – especially newcomers. In keeping with our singleness of purpose and our Third Tradition which states that “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking,” we ask that all who participate confine their discussions to their problems with alcohol.

Our 7th tradition states that “Every AA group ought to be self-supporting through our own contributions.” At Tarrant Countywide, we use VENMO for our virtual 7th Tradition. In the VENMO app, you can either search for “Tarrant Countywide” or you can go to:

venmo.com/Tarrant-Countywide to make your contribution.

If you are not a member of AA please consider yourself our guest and not contribute. If you’re a member of AA, your spiritual contribution of a couple dollars (or more) will help keep this meeting going and also help our Fort Worth Central Office as well as our local Districts in Northeast Texas Area 65.

Here at Tarrant Countywide, we have decided to open the meeting with the Texas Preamble. Tonight, I have asked _________ to read it.

Texas Preamble: “Hi, my name is _______ and I am an alcoholic. My sobriety date is _______. This is the Texas Preamble…

For all who would be interested in it:

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

We are gathered here because we are faced with the fact that we are powerless over alcohol, and are unable to do anything about it without the help of a Power greater than ourselves.

We feel each person’s religious convictions, if any, are his own affair, and the simple purpose of the program of AA is to show what may be done to enlist the aid of a Power greater than ourselves, regardless of what our individual conception of that Power may be.

In order to form a habit of depending upon and referring all we do to that Power, we must first apply ourselves with some diligence, but repetition confirms and strengthens this habit, then faith comes naturally.

We have all come to know that as alcoholics we are suffering from a serious disease for which medicine has no cure. Our condition may be the result of an allergic reaction to alcohol which makes it impossible for us to drink in moderation. This condition has never, by any treatment with which we are familiar, been permanently cured. The only relief we have to offer is absolute abstinence – a second meaning of AA.

There are no dues or fees. The only requirement is an honest desire to stop drinking. Each member is a person with an acknowledged alcoholic problem who has found the key to abstinence from day to day by adhering to the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. The moment he resumes drinking he loses all status as a member of AA. His reinstatement is automatic, however, when he again fulfills the sole requirement for membership – an honest desire to quit drinking.

Not being reformers we offer our experience only to those who want it.

AA is not interested in sobering up drunks who are seeking only temporary sobriety. We have a way out on which we can absolutely agree and in which we join in harmonious action. Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path. Those who do not recover are those who will not or cannot lend themselves to this simple program–usually men and women who are incapable of being honest with themselves. You may like this Program or you may not, but the fact remains that is works. and we believe it is our only chance to recover.

There is a vast amount of fun included in the AA fellowship. Some people may be shocked at our apparent worldliness and levity, but just underneath there is a deadly earnestness and a full realization that we must put first things first. With each of us the first thing is our alcoholic problem. Faith must work twenty-four hours a day in and through us, or we perish.

Thank You!

Introduce Speaker

End of Meeting:

  1. Thank you ___(speaker name)__. Let’s give (her/him) another round of applause.
  2. I want to thank everyone who volunteered to help make this meeting happen. THANK YOU! We could not do this meeting without you.
  3. In an effort to provide you the very best meeting we can, we’ve created an online meeting attendee survey. If you’d please go to our website, tarrantcountywide.org and click on the SURVEY link – it will let us know how we can provide you the best meeting experience possible.
  4. REMINDER: All TCw meetings on ZOOM use the same meeting ID and password from month to month. Please notate the information you used to login to tonight’s meeting for use next month.
  5. Next month’s speaker for Tarrant Countywide will be _______(on slide deck)______
  6. We will now close the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer.